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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

Find Cheap International Flight Deals at BudgetAir

Fancy a flight to Venice for a romantic weekend away? Or how about a flight to Oslo in Norway to experience a real winter? Wherever you want to fly in the world, BudgetAir offers you the lowest prices on the web. All that it takes is just a few clicks.

How to find the cheapest flights?

  • There could be cheap deals for flights at any time! A good tip is to search for flights on Tuesday, and to book flights that fly on Wednesday.
  • It’s usually better to buy your tickets at least 4-5 months in advance.
  • Last Minute Deals can also save you money. But you need a bit of luck as the price can vary due to the season and availability.
  • Flying there and back with different airlines or from different airports may help as well keeping the trip budget low. Use our filters during the search process and find the ticket that best suits your needs.
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Why are prices of airline tickets different?

Flight ticket costs depends on several factors. First, the airline determines how much an airline ticket costs. This price differs by booking class. If you are looking to book a flight months in advance, ticket prices are generally lower. In the week before the flight departs, the prices of airline tickets for this flight will go down or just up, depending on the airline's targets and market demand. Other factors affecting airline prices include changes in fuel costs, airport tax and maintenance costs.

What name do I have to fill in on the airline ticket?

The name you have to fill in on your ticket must be the same as the name in your passport. That means: the first name in the passport and the last name. You do not have to enter your middle name. Pay attention to the name you write down when you are making your booking as changing a name later can cost a pretty penny! If your name is not correct on your e-ticket, we recommend that you report this to us as quickly as possible to minimise costs.

How do I book flights with multiple destinations?

Do you want to combine a trip to Barcelona with a visit to Madrid? Great idea! You can put together your own itinerary by combining several flights in one booking. Choose the option 'Multiple destinations' in our search box. You can fly back from a different airport than the one you arrived at.
*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

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