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South Korea

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South Korea

The peninsula of South Korea can be covered north to south in just an hour by plane, making it a great compact country where many of its hidden delights can be seen in an average two week holiday. This is good news for tourists and also for the locals of South Korea as they love having visitors to their complex and fascinating country.

South Korea is a nation that breathes in ancient wisdoms of Confucius and his doctrine and yet the younger generation are mad keen on the latest computer games or any new technology. South Korea has leapt forward into the 21st century but always with a look back at its chequered history.

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Where to stay in South Korea?

Whether it is staying overnight in a Buddhist temple or scaling the peaks of rugged mountains, South Korea has so much to offer the traveller who is fortunate enough to explore this incredible country.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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