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Flights New York (JFK) - Mexico City (MEX)

About flights from New York (JFK) to Mexico City (MEX)

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is the largest of the three airports in and around New York City. It sits on Long Island, 16 miles southeast of Manhattan. Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX) in Mexico and Latin America’s busiest airport, is the gateway to Mexico’s capital city located just eight miles from central Mexico City.

Passengers flying from New York to Mexico City can choose any of the 14 airlines serving the route. In total, the airlines offer more than 40 flights daily. The main carriers on the route include the United Airlines and the Mexican flag carrier, Aeroméxico. Other airlines flying from JFK to MEX includes American Airlines, and Viva Aerobus..

Out of the more than 40 flights flying the New York-Mexico route, only five are direct. Aeroméxico, Interjet, and Delta Air Linesoffer the direct flights along this route. Direct flights from JFK to MEX take approximately five hours to cover a total distance of 2,092 miles.

There are several other connecting flights with detours to Munich, Miami, Charlotte, San Salvador, and Monterrey. The longest flight from New York to Mexico City takes 39 hours and 35 minutes, and includes a long stopover. Aerolineas Argentinas offers the flight, which connects to Buenos Aires’s Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE).

Public transportation, parking, and ride-shares at JFK and MEX

Passengers can choose to use public transportation such as bus or metro (New York subway) from anywhere in New York City to JFK airport. There are also several car rental companies available for travelers wishing to get to JFK from Manhattan and beyond, as well as taxi services and ride-sharing apps which are widely used in New York.

JFK offers several parking options for travelers on site at the airport. The parking spaces are conveniently set up near the terminals for easy access to the airport. There is an Airtrain that ferries people between the airport’s different terminals and nearby metro stations, which is very convenient and widely used.

MEX has two main terminals with three parking lots. The parking zones have clear markings, divisions, elevators, and even bathrooms. It is easy to get out of the airport using the metro, buses, and authorized or app-based taxi services. If passengers don't speak Spanish, it is advised to print out the address of the hotel beforehand.

Practical information

Travelers should carry an International Driving License together with their national driving license if they wish to drive in Mexico. A driving license is nonetheless not considered proof of identification in Mexico. That is why travelers should always have their valid passports with them to avoid issues with identification. Onward travel documents must be presented to prove the scheduled departure date from Mexico, failure to provide this at departure check-in can result in a delay and a fine. US passport holders visiting Mexico for tourism purposes do not need a visa, however, it is necessary for those traveling for other businesses, or for longer periods.

Mexico City is one hour behind New York, so travelers need to adjust their time accordingly. The weather in Mexico City is also relatively different from that of New York. In Mexico City, the average temperature is 6.30C higher than that of New York. Rain is frequent in Mexico City between June and September and dry spells stretches from December to March. Hurricanes are more common in Mexico City than in New York.

Top Travel Tips

The peak season for travel to Mexico City is from December to March when the weather is dry and mild. However, most festivals are held in November, and travelers wishing to see how thrilling Mexican celebrations can be should visit at this time.

Travelers from the United States should convert their local currencies to the Mexican Peso. Although some resorts and facilities may accept the US dollar, it is safer to have the Peso for everyday transactions. The October 2019 exchange rate stands at 19.75 Mexican Pesos for 1 USD.

Travelers should get used to warm greetings as these are often shared among Mexicans. Although punctuality is expected of formal meetings, visitors are most likely to arrive late for informal gatherings.

What to see in Mexico City

Alameda Central

This is Mexico’s oldest municipal park, which had existed until 1859 as an Aztecs marketplace. Its lavender fields offer a great environment to enjoy a stroll.

Temple Mayor

The former the centerpiece of Tenochtitlan, the former capital of the ancient Aztec empire. After the Spanish conquest in 1521, the temple was destroyed and a cathedral built in its place. However, its ruins still stand to date, though they are heavily reconstructed.

Palace of Fine Arts

This majestic palace is filled with marvelous murals and features impressive architecture. It displays some of the best Mexican artworks as well as pieces from all over the world.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

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