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Four reasons why you should travel in the fall months

It’s no secret that summer is one of the peak seasons for traveling. This can lead to higher airfares, limited hotel availability, and overly crowded destinations. Thus, if you have the flexibility to select your own vacation time, you might want to consider traveling in the autumn months. Enjoy cheaper travel costs and fewer tourists, not to mention the beautiful fall scenery. Read on to discover why you should vacation in the fall!

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Four Reasons Why You Should Travel in the Fall

1. Costs

Airfares are usually significantly cheaper in the fall compared to the summer. Moreover, hotels, attractions and other travel necessities decrease in price after the peak season for vacation. By booking your vacation in the fall and saving on the big travel expenses, you can make the most of your travel budget! Use those extra funds to extend your vacation a few more days, enjoy a fancy night out, book a guided hiking tour, or purchase a couple more souvenirs!

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2. Crowds

Most families choose to travel in the summer months due to school schedules. In the autumn, most schools are back in session, which notably reduces the number of tourists at top destinations. People choose to travel in the summer for a variety of other reasons, such as weather, festivals, or national holidays that add vacation days like the 4th of July. However, by waiting just a few months to take your vacation, you can enjoy the same locations with fewer crowds. This can be a game changer for natural, scenic locations like Machu Picchu in Peru or the Great Wall in China, as hundreds of tourists crowding the hiking trails and viewpoints can detract from the beauty.

3. Climates

It is easy to forget that the seasons we experience in the U.S. are different from the seasons in other parts of the world. For example, while it is warm and sunny in California in July, it might be pouring rain (with possible monsoons!) in vacation spots like Japan and Thailand. If your dream vacation consists of beach days and outdoor excursions, be sure to research the weather of your selected destination. Locations like Mexico, Spain, and Greece are great destinations in the autumn months due to the warm temperatures and lower chances of rain.

4. Celebrations

Some of the best festivals and events occur in the autumn months around the world! In South Africa, the Hermanus Whale Festival celebrates the return of the southern right whales and offers spectacular opportunities to see wild marine life up close. In Norway, the optimal time to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights starts in September and extends into the autumn and winter months. And of course, who could forget Oktoberfest in Germany?

Enjoy Autumn in South America!

Fall is the perfect time to explore South America without the crowds of the summer season!
Visit the Amazon River in Brazil, the Patagonia region in Argentina, or the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador.

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