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Flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Taipei (TPE) with EVA Air

About the flight

All flights Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei (TPE) with EVA Air depart from Los Angeles' glamorous Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Los Angeles International Airport served 87 million passengers last year, making it the second-busiest airport in the United States. EVA Air provides a reduced CO2 service from Los Angeles to Taipei, emitting 6% less carbon dioxide on this route than its competitors. Passengers can reach LAX from central Los Angeles via the LAX FlyAway bus.

EVA Airlines flights from Los Angeles land at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the home of the airline. Taoyuan International Airport is located 29 miles outside of Taipei city center in the neighboring municipality of Taoyuan. Passengers can reach Taipei city center via the Taoyuan Airport Metro, which takes approximately 35 minutes.

Los Angeles is 6,772 miles away from Taipei. The average flight takes 14 hours and 35 minutes to complete this distance. All EVA Airlines flights which serve this route are direct. Approximately three flights Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei (TPE) with EVA Air depart each day, with an average of 21 departing each way, so travelers have ample choice. Flights to Taipei from Los Angeles are at their busiest in December and are at their least popular in September, during Typhoon season.

About the airline

EVA Air is Taiwan's premier international airline, serving over 40 international destinations across Europe, North America, and Asia. Flights Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei (TPE) with EVA Air remains an attractive option, as passengers can choose their seats at the time of booking and have a generous luggage allowance. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, passengers will fly on the exclusive branded Hello Kitty plane, with Hello Kitty themed interiors and dining.

Each day there are three flights Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei (TPE) with EVA Air. Two flights depart each evening, after 11:00 p.m., and one departs each morning, shortly before 11:00 a.m. Typically, a 777-300 ER aircraft flies this service, sometimes with modified Hello Kitty interior, exclusive to EVA Air.

EVA Air are part of the Star Alliance frequent-flyer program and passengers can accrue points with all participating airlines, alongside enjoying lounge use at the airport and skip-the-line privileges. In Los Angeles, EVA Airlines Business Class passengers and Star Alliance frequent-flyers can relax in the Star Alliance lounge, the best Alliance lounge in the world. Passengers can look out on the Hollywood Hills, as they choose between à la carte or buffet dining options. EVA Air operates four lounges in Taipei: The Garden, The Infinity, The Star, and The Club. The latter three lounges are reserved for Star Alliance club members and The Infinity is available to Business Class travelers, with a buffet bar of traditional Taiwanese cuisine.

Onboard, passengers can choose between Western or Taiwanese cuisine for their meal. WiFi is available as standard. All passengers can take two items of luggage on the plane, with the hold limit being 77lb. However, for First-Class passengers, the hold limit is 97lb for luggage.

Transportation, transfers & car rental

Los Angeles International Airport is well connected to Los Angeles city center via the city's FlyAway Buses service. Travelers can board a Los Angeles FlyAway Bus from Hollywood, Long Beach, UCLA and Downtown LA, reaching LAX in approximately 33 minutes. A taxi or an Uber will take as long as the FlyAway and is more expensive. For travelers who want to drive, there are many car parks, but all are around a 10-minute shuttle away from terminals.

When flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Taipei (TPE) with EVA Air land in Taoyuan International Airport, many passengers wish to continue onto Taipei. Taipei is 32 miles away from Taoyuan International Airport and the most comfortable way to reach the city center is by taxi, which takes approximately 40 minutes. Otherwise, passengers can take the U-Bus to Taoyuan Station, and board the train to the city, which usually takes an hour.

Taoyuan International Airport has two parking lots. Passengers can rent vehicles from international provider Avis, and local companies Ching Bing, Hotai, and Carplus. In Taiwan, driving on the right-hand side of the road is standard.

Practical information

As flights Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei (TPE) with EVA Air are international, all passengers will require a passport. US citizens do not need a visa if they are staying under 90 days. However, if their passport expires less than 90 days after the date of arrival, they must have a return flight scheduled prior to their passport's expiration.

Taipei is 16 hours ahead of Los Angeles. Between June and October, Taiwan has its typhoon season, which greatly contrasts with the summer and early fall climate in Los Angeles.

In Taipei, they use the New Taiwan dollar (NTD). As of November 2019, one United States dollar is equivalent to 30.55 New Taiwan dollars.

The main language spoken in Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. Passengers traveling from the United States should be aware that a formal bow is the normal method of greeting and hugging is frowned upon.

Top travel tips

Discover the best of Taipei when you visit these fantastic destinations:

Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is a beautiful Buddhist Temple, built in the Chinese folk style in the 18th century. The Temple is respected as an important center of Chinese Buddhist culture in Taipei. Admire the swirling red dragons on the facade.

National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum has perhaps the greatest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world, with over 700,000 objects, including sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and furniture, including notable bronze pieces which date from 1,000 B.C.

Yangmingshan National Park

Just outside of Taipei city is the beautiful Yangmingshan National Park. The park is famous for rich cherry blossom trees, hot springs and hiking along forested mountains. Word to the wise: cover your legs and keep your eyes open for poisonous snakes!

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

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