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About flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei (TPE)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the second busiest airport in the US, and ranked the fourth busiest airport in the entire world. The airport is situated 18 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is the primary airport serving Northern Taiwan and Taipei city. The airport is situated 25 miles west of Taipei city center.

Over 20 airlines fly from Los Angeles (LAX) to Taipei (TPE) every day. The leading airlines flying this route include China Airlines, EVA Air, Starlux, and Air Canada.

The flight distance from Los Angeles to Taipei is 6,799 miles via direct routes. However, with connections, the distance increases based on the connecting cities. The fastest direct flight takes about 14 hours, 25 minutes. However, most airlines flying from LAX to TPE have at least one connection. Furthermore, there are those flights with two links. In such cases, the flight duration increases to over 18 hours 30 minutes.

Taking direct flights obviously allows travelers to arrive earlier than when using connecting flights. However, there are only four direct flights from LA to Taipei each day. Connecting flights have layovers in various cities such as San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, and Hong Kong, which can be enjoyable cities for stopovers. Each day sees over 20 flights leaving Los Angeles for Taipei.

Public transportation, parking, and rideshares at LAX and TPE

LAX has both short and long term parking lots with both hourly and daily rates. It also has spots for those using ride-sharing apps with designated pick up points at various terminals. Shuttle buses are also available to take travelers to multiple drop-off destinations.

Similarly, TPE has parking options at every terminal. These terminals have both hourly and daily parking rates. Taipei also has places for those using ride-sharing apps to get in and out, though be sure to note that ride-sharing apps in Taipei will be different. There is public transport at terminal 1, serving the city 20 hours a day. Besides, car rental desks are available at every terminal in TPE.

Practical information

All foreigners wishing to drive in Taipei are required to have a valid driver’s license. The locally-issued Taiwan’s driver’s license and International Drivers license are the only valid driving licenses in TPE. If driving without a valid license invalidates driver’s insurance coverage, one may be subjected to fines. On top of this, foreigners over 14 years need to carry their passports all the time. However, instead of passports, foreigners may carry the Alien Resident Certificate or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate. Travelers also need to provide proof of the return travel before being allowed into Taiwan.

Taipei is 15 hours ahead of Los Angeles. Both cities experience different weather conditions. While Los Angeles has a mid-latitude cool steppe climate, Taipei has a humid subtropical climate. Taipei has 1,704 fewer sunshine hours than Sunshine City. January is the coldest month in Taipei. The average low and high temperatures are 55 F and 60 F respectively, so be prepared.

Top travel tips

The best time to visit Taipei is between April and June, during spring. Besides, most visitors travel to Taipei during fall, between September and November, so traveling in spring means fewer crowds. During these seasons, the weather is pleasant and warm. Travelers from the United States need to convert their US Dollars (USD) into the Taiwanese Dollar (TWD). The exchange rate is 1USD for 30.921 TWD. The official language in Taipei is Mandarin Chinese, though English is also widely spoken in Taipei. Therefore, this means that travelers from Los Angeles will generally have an easy time communicating in the city.

Los Angeles has a history of etiquette protocols that may not be obvious to visitors. Most people in Los Angeles prefer firm handshakes in greetings. Hugging is mainly reserved for close friends and family members. In Taipei, one is not expected to bow during greetings. Smiling, shaking hands, and saying “hi” is considered the most usual way to greet people in Taipei. Also, visitors are required to take off their shoes when entering into the hosts’ home.

What to see in Taipei

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This is the monument to former political and military leader Chiang Kai-shek. This beautiful building is situated in a quiet central park in the city. Millions of visitors come to witness the changing of the guard that happens every day.

Elephant Mountain

This is the best site to have the best view of Taipei city. The mountain is short and not so strenuous to climb. It’s the perfect location to have a few snapshots of Taipei’s skyline.

Bopiliao Old Street

This is one of the streets that have been restored into their former glory. The street now features a free museum. Visitors can enjoy wandering through the old buildings and learn about the historical life of the old Taipei.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

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