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From the heights of Mt Sinai to the depths of the Red Sea, Egypt is a country that has been discovered time and time again yet will never be fully understood due to its historical richness and diversity. Egypt is somewhere to go and indulge in history, myth, fantastical stories and ancient customs.

The Pharaohs of Egypt and their pyramids hold secrets we might never learn and that is the spell of Egypt – it entices and fascinates. When Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, the world became more aware of Egypt than ever before, and so began the influx of tourism that has remained steady ever since.

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Where to stay in Egypt?

This ancient land yields up fascinations and complications at both turns, jostling the bright lights of Cairo with the calmness of the Nile and the underwater phenomenon that is the Red Sea. The historical aspect comes alive too with sunrise at the top of Mt Sinai or visiting a forgotten temple.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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