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Flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Bangkok (BKK) with China Eastern Airlines

About the flight

Flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Bangkok (BKK) with China Eastern Airlines departs from the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California, and arrives at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok, Thailand. There are no direct flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Bangkok (BKK), and therefore travelers should expect at least one stopover to get to Bangkok Airport when using China Eastern Airlines. Passengers can bring personal items such as neck pillows and other essentials such as a change clothes to make their flight more comfortable.

Flights Los Angeles (LAX)-Bangkok (BKK) with China Eastern Airlines takes an average of 17 hours and two minutes of flight time to reach Bangkok (BKK). There is an average of three China Eastern Airlines flights flying daily from Los Angeles (LAX) to Bangkok (BKK), with an average of 21 flights per week. Flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Bangkok (BKK) with China Eastern Airlines cover an average distance of 8,269 miles.

About the airline

China Eastern Airlines is one of the largest carriers in Asia. It is the second-largest carrier by passenger numbers in China, and its central operating hub is in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It's a member of SkyTeam Alliance and has codeshare agreements with Etihad, Virgin America, and other major carriers. China Eastern Airline operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft and mainly consists of Boeing B737s, Airbus A319s, A300s, A320s, and A330s.

All travelers are permitted to carry one piece of carry-on baggage weighing no more than 70lb, which is subject to checking. For those traveling in Business Class, they are allowed three pieces of luggage weighing no more than 70lb each. Economy Class passengers are allowed only two pieces of luggage, weighing 50lb each. While First-Class passengers are allowed three pieces of baggage weighing no more than 70lb each.

China Eastern Airlines mostly has two-cabin aircraft with a Business Class and Economy Class, a three-cabin aircraft with a First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class, as well as all-Economy Aircraft. Class fares depend on the flight duration and the plane. Economy Class offers some of the best value for money and has facilities such as TV screens for entertainment, power points for charging electronic devices, and comfortable, reclining seats.

China Eastern Airlines operates a frequent-flyer program that encourages passengers to earn points and claim rewards for their loyalty. The reward program is called Eastern Miles, and once a passenger becomes an Eastern Miles member, they can earn points when traveling with China Eastern Airlines or on partner airline flights who are part of the SkyTeam Alliance.

Transportation, transfers & car rental

Transportation to and from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) can be taken through the airport shuttle. The FlyAway bus service will reach the airport from downtown Los Angeles in around 35 minutes and provides a cost-effective transport option for travelers. Travelers looking to reach the Metro will need to take a 15-minute free shuttle bus to Aviation/LAX Metro Station and then change to the Metro service, which will take around 45 minutes to reach downtown LA. When travelers arrive at BKK-Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, there is a public transport system that ferries passengers from the airport to the city in around 50 minutes - this method is cheap but can be quite overcrowded. Taxi services are the easiest option.

Both Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and BKK-Suvarnabhumi International Airport have extensive parking options for travelers. LAX has several long-stay and short-stay parking lots, with plenty of space for drop-offs and pick-ups. Car rental services are available at BKK-Suvarnabhumi Airport, including international brands such as Budget and Avis, although it should be noted that driving in Bangkok can be fairly tricky for drivers who are not confident.

Practical Information

Bangkok (BKK) time is ahead of Los Angeles (LAX) by 14 hours. Thailand has its own currency - the Thai Baht, with an exchange rate of 30 Baht to the US dollar. Travelers looking to exchange money can do so at the airport in Bangkok, with plenty of banking services, ATMs, and currency exchange services in the terminal. The weather is generally warm in October-December with rainy season in the months of June-July.

It is a requirement for all travelers from the United States to have a passport when traveling to Bangkok. The passport must be valid during the travel time and have a minimum of six months validity when entering Bangkok. A visa is also a must for all travelers, whether they are a US national or not. It is recommended to visit IATA Travel center to check visa validity before getting a ticket to fly to Bangkok.

People in Bangkok often speak fluent English and therefore travelers from Los Angeles should have no challenges communicating within the city. Also, Thai people are friendly and will often offer help if travelers ask questions about the city. It is one of the largest cities in the East and therefore no etiquette differences are likely to be experienced.

Top travel tips

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and offers exciting things that travelers should enjoy while visiting the city:

Visiting Wat Pho

When in Bangkok, travelers can visit Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha. Bangkok is the home of Reclining Buddha, which stands 15 meters tall. The statue is covered in gold, and the Buddha is famous for completing 108 positive actions on his way to becoming perfect. When in the temple, you can also get to enjoy a traditional Thai massage.

Pay a visit to the Grand Palace

Travelers can explore the Grand Palace, which was the king's home at one time, and the Thai government used to conduct their work from here. The grounds and architecture are magnificent and sprawling. The Grand Palace is a wonderful way to enjoy a walk and experience Thai culture and their love of the monarchy.

Riding the Sky Train

Bangkok seems to never sleep, and there is a hive of activities that goes on until late in the evening. Riding above the traffic on the Sky Train is an exhilarating and interesting way to see the city from above. The views are magnificent, especially at night when the city comes alive.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

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