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Make your 2023 travel bucket list

It's time to make 2023 your year, no matter how that will be! And the best way to start the year is by making your 2023 bucket list and plan the long-awaited holiday you deserve. It could be to find yourself in New Zealand, or travel to the other places in the world to discover the many different cultures in Asia. Are you up for a new adventure? Or do you prefer to relieve all the stress from 2022 on the beach? So many options, and the choice is yours!

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1. Where to find yourself in 2023

2023 is the year to rediscover ourselves, even more for those that have lost themselves with time. The best way to do that is by transforming yourself! Whether that means:

  • checking out the natural wonders, including the Northern Lights in Iceland
  • visiting the enchanting temples in Bali
  • further exploring your love for the K-pop and its culture in Seoul
  • seeing popular artworks in museums and cycling around the cities around the Netherlands
  • enjoying the nightlife in Singapore

... do not be afraid to do this little adventure all by yourself. Meet new, refreshing travel buddies along the way!

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South Korea


The Netherlands

2. Discover new cultures in 2023

Emerge yourself in a different culture this 2023, and do not be afraid to travel somewhere where you don't speak the language (that makes learning about the new culture a bit more interesting). Explore around the souks in Dubai and talk to the merchants to learn more about their culture (a must-visit for those who love to shop) or enjoy a boat trip in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Book your next cultural trip with BudgetAir Canada and fly to your first cultural destination of 2023.

Other cultural trip recommendations that may be considered: Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Morocco, etc.


United Arab of Emirates





3. Dare to be adventurous in 2023

Always wanted to get your adrenaline pumping but never actually did it? This 2023 is the time to plan it and achieve it, without backing down. Try canyoning in Greece, go on a safari in South Africa or enjoy the views from above in New Zealand. You can even travel to Abu Dhabi and enjoy all the outdoor activities available, from watersports to amusement parks.

Get your heart pumping with BudgetAir Canada and fly to your first adventurous destination of 2023.

Other adventure recommendations that may be considered: Iceland, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Morocco, Germany, Indonesia, etc.

New Zealand

Abu Dhabi

United Arab of Emirates



South Africa

4. Beach away in 2023

Tired of city trips or hiking trips? Do you need 2023 to be a relaxing year? Then you must try a beach holiday! There's nothing better than discovering the blue side of the planet. Enjoy a trip of beach hopin' in the Philippines, or if you don't want to fly across the ocean, how about a nice relaxing vacation in Cancún.

Visit the best beaches in the world with BudgetAir Canada and fly to your first beach destination of 2023.

Other beach recommendations that may be considered: USA, Greece, Thailand, Australia, French Polynesia, Dominican Republic, etc.


The Philippines




5. Eat all throughout 2023

Is your stomach craving for something new this 2023? Is your palette bored of the same flavours? If yes, enjoy these culinary destinations this 2023. Try the rich taste of Malaysia, the delicious wine of France, or the different flavours of Italy.

Bring new flavours to your palette with BudgetAir Canada and fly to your first culinary destination of 2023.

Other foodie recommendations that may be considered: Spain, Portugal, Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, etc.






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