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Things to do in Namibia

Namibia's unique geography consisting of sand dunes, beaches, and canyons fosters plenty of outdoor activites to participate in.

Here are some activities to do while staying in Namibia:


In Swakopmund, you can experience quite an adrenaline rush by sandboarding down the tall sand dunes in the desert. You can choose from either lie down or stand up boards. For that fast head-first experience down the dunes, you should choose to ride laying down. However, if you want to carve and maneuver down the sand, stand up boards are the way to go.

Surfboarding & Seal Viewing

Also in Swakopmund, come and get your feet wet in the water on the coast of the town. The waves are nice and consistent and nice to surf in almost all year round. Additionally, you can drive up to the Cape Cross Seal Reserve and watch thousands of seals relaxing in the sand and swimming in the water.

Hiking in Fish River Canyon

South of Namibia lies Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world behind the Grand Canyon. You can take a couple days hiking the trail and come across many kinds of wildlife while relaxing in the water of Palm and Ai-Ais hot springs. However, if you’re not a big fan of hiking, you can still visit the canyon and take in the amazing views it has to offer.

Hot air ballooning

Take a hot air balloon ride over Sossusvlei! Guests will have the chance to ride in the balloon with the sunrise and view the tremendous Namib desert from a breathtaking perspective! After landing in the middle of the desert, guests will have a scenic champagne breakfast and receive a flight certificate before being driven back to their lodges.

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