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About the flight

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is the port of entry for New York City and is the premium gateway for nonstop flights to Tel Aviv TLV, Israel, with Ukraine International Airlines. The airport is located 16 miles from midtown Manhattan and features six passenger terminals for travelers from New York (JFK) to Tel Aviv (TLV).

Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) is the world's most secure airport and is named after Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. It's located nine miles from downtown Tel Aviv and 28 miles from Jerusalem and serves as the mid-east hub for flights from JFK to TLV with Ukraine international airlines. The distance from New York's JFK airport to Israel's Tel Aviv TLV airport is 5,677 miles.

The long-haul flight from JFK to TLV with Ukraine international airline takes around 11 hours and 51 minutes. There are both direct and stopover flights from New York to Tel Aviv every week, with an average of three daily services. Ukraine International Airlines offers quick indirect services from JFK to TLV, and layovers are usually seamless and time-efficient in cities like Kiev, Ukraine.

There are 12 direct flights every week from JFK to TLV, and boarding cards offered by Ukraine international airlines will direct passengers to which terminals the carrier operates at both arrival and departure airports. Traveling to Israel via Tel Aviv is at its busiest for passengers from New York during the summer months of April to October, and the winter months of November to March see the least traveler activity.

About the airline

Ukraine International Airlines is the national carrier of Ukraine, based in Kiev and operating to over 85 Asian, European, mid-eastern, and American destinations. Founded in 1992, Ukraine International Airlines has gained shareholders who have invested in a new aircraft fleet due to its increased passenger numbers.

The airline has replaced the Boeing classic aircraft with a fleet of new Boeing 737-800 and 737 max 8 for long-haul flights from JFK to TLV. Airport lounges at JFK and TLV offer post-check-in services such as food outlets, device USB charging, WiFi, and shopping options. Ukraine International Airlines has aircraft plying the JFK to TLV route offering economy, premium economy, business, and first-class seats for passengers.

A Panorama Premium card collects air miles and offers incentives to frequent-flyer passengers. Checked in and carry-on baggage options are streamlines at Ukraine International Airlines, and Panorama Premium Flyer Program cardholders carry additional luggage items.

Transportation, transfers & car rental

Both indoor and outdoor car parking options are available for long and short terms at LAX, with valet services offered alongside regular parking. At the entrance of terminals one and three at TLV, there are long-term and short-term car parking options. New facilities alongside terminal three also offer additional spaces for 750 cars with more than half being sheltered.

To rent a car at Ben Gurion airport is a great idea since travelers can get to see more of Tel Aviv and Israel on the road. Rental providers are located on the 1st floor of the arrivals hall and are available 24/7. There are public transport alternatives available at TLV for buses through various Tel Aviv neighborhoods up until Egged, the central bus station in Israel.

Transfers are made anywhere within the country, including Haifa and Jerusalem. Modern trains ply all rail routes from TLV with services that include reliability and are WiFi enabled.

Practical information

Passports must be valid for up to six months from the date that travelers depart JFK to TLV. US citizens traveling from JFK to TLV are not required to have a visa if their stay is for less than three months or 90 days. Tel Aviv's TLV airport is 7 hours ahead of New York City's JFK, which means when its 8.00 a.m. in the Big Apple, it's at 3.00 p.m. in Israel.

The climate in Tel Aviv is hot and sunny during summer, with long periods of clear skies between May and September. Rainfall and wintry winds can be experienced from November to March, but it's nothing compared to the icy gusts of New York City winters. At TLV, the New Israel Shekel is the currency for the state of Israel, though American dollars are widely accepted.

Numerous ATM vending points offer cash in NIS with options for withdrawing US dollars or euros. The New Israel Shekel is 0.29 to the US dollar, meaning each dollar is 3 shekels and four agora for travelers coming into TLV from JFK. Hebrew is the majority language of Israel with Arabic coming a distant second, and travelers from JFK through TLV will find linguists who speak both and some passable English.

A culturally diverse people, Israeli Jews also speak Russian, similar to their counterparts in New York, while the minority Arabs have a special status in the country's history. Prices for everything are negotiable in Tel Aviv and Israel as a whole. Language barriers aside, travelers to Israel from JFK via TLV must haggle for local produce at the market or with the taxi driver in order not to be overcharged.

There is a manifestation of informality in all roles of Israeli society, and particularly in most workplaces, unlike in the United States. A lack of appropriateness in speech and behavior between seniors and subordinates lacks, which reflects on the relaxed cordiality in interactions across the society.

Top travel tips

The camel market at Tel Aviv

The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv is the place to see some cultural and national food items on sale, as agriculture is one of the sectors that makes Israel famous. Travelers can catch some tasty street fare and stock up on fresh produce at the Camel Market.

Pub crawls and nightclubbing scene

Tel Aviv has a vibrant nightlife that equals no other mid-eastern city, and the weekend is the time to enjoy their club scene. Radio and Sputnik are some of the incredible clubs in the coastal city. Alternatively, travelers can enjoy a pub crawl through the city's fantastic beachfront district.

The old port city of Jaffa

Here's one of the oldest habitations in recorded history, featuring a maze of flea markets and cafes spilling over spice wafting stores - and visiting Jaffa's old city is a history lesson by itself. The port has some fresh fish vendors and eateries for exotic Mediterranean cuisine, and travelers can enjoy getting lost inside the Twelve Signs Alleys.

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