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Flights New York (JFK) - Bangkok (BKK)

About the flight from JFK to BKK

New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, better known as JFK, is an eight terminal airport with flights leaving daily for every corner of the world. JFK is located in Queens, New York, 20 miles outside of central Manhattan. Bangkok has one terminal each for its domestic and international flights, and is Bangkok's main airport for major global airlines. Locally known as Suvarnabhumi Airport, it lies 24 miles outside of Bangkok's city center.

All flights along this route are indirect with typically one stopover in a major city, usually in the home city of the airline. For instance, Air China, Cathay Pacific and Turkish Airlines stopover in Beijing, Hong Kong and Istanbul respectively.

Passengers can expect the journey to take between 20 and 23 hours in total from New York JFK to Bangkok BKK Airports, including any layover time. There are 20 to 30 daily flights within this time frame, and other major airlines operating along this route include American Airlines, and Korean Air.

Public transportation, parking, and ride-shares

New York's JFK Airport connects to the Jamaica public transit station via its AirTrain. Passengers can take their regular metro and train lines to Jamaica station and transfer easily to the AirTrain. There are also ride-sharing options such as Uber and Lyft, which are prevalent throughout the city, although the airport does offer longterm parking options for customers who wish to drive to the airport. Taxis are typically quite expensive, with flat fares from the airport to Manhattan's city center of around 50 USD.

Bangkok's BKK Airport boasts a modern rail connecting to central Bangkok locations, which depart as frequently as every 10 minutes during peak times. The City Line costs merely 45 Baht, or 1.50 USD as of the currency exchange rate in September 2019, and connections to other trains and more remote locations are also possible. The journey into the heart of Bangkok takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Practical information: Flights New York (JFK) - Bangkok (BKK)

When traveling internationally, there are a few practical pieces of information to remember. Ensure your passport has at least six months validity left when you travel. Carry your passport or another form of identification around with you in the city.

Bangkok is 11 hours ahead of New York, and that isn't the only difference between the two cities. Bangkok uses the Baht, and as of September 2019 the exchange rate is 1 USD to 30.48 Baht. The climate in Bangkok is hot, humid and at times, tropical - vastly different from the mild climate of New York.

Top travel tips

Respect Thai royalty when inside the country. The Thai people love their royal family and you will see photographs of the King in every establishment there, but you must also show respect to banknotes and coins, and any other documents which picture the royal family.

Learn one simple Thai greeting before you travel. Thai people are extremely friendly and polite, and returning greetings in Thai is a simple way travelers to Bangkok can put their best foot forward. Men say hello by saying "Sah wah dee khrap" and women by saying "sah wah dee khaa." These greetings apply to mornings, afternoons and evenings, and are pronounced as written.

Check multiple different currency exchange providers before changing your money, and match the rates against online figures for that day to ensure you find the best deal possible.

What to see in Bangkok

It goes without saying that Thai food is a bucket list item to be checked off, but Bangkok is also home to beautiful cultural landmarks that deserve some schedule time. Chatuchack Weekend Market is a must-see for anyone who enjoys picking up souvenirs for their loved ones that didn't come from a tourist shop. There is a mind-boggling array of textiles, handmade accessories and artwork, comprising a whopping 8, 000 stalls set up into lines with narrow alleys between them for tourists to squeeze through.

A trip to Bangkok wouldn't be complete without taking in at least one temple, or Wat. Although Wat Arun is probably the most photographed and famous of the temples, and is stunning, the Wat Intharawihan features a 104 foot (31 m) Buddha statue in glistening gold colour that took 60 years to build and stands as an utterly unique testament to Thai architecture and cultural traditions.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

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