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Flights Los Angeles (LAX) - Bali (DPS)

About the flight from Los Angeles to Bali

Flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Bali (DPS) take just under 21 hours. Being the world's fourth and the US's second busiest airport, LAX is home to the world's biggest airlines across its nine terminals. It is located 18 miles outside of Los Angeles. Bali Bali airport is known locally as Ngurah Rai Airport and sits eight miles from Bali's city center. It is a modest size but services major operators like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Jetstar.

Many national and budget operators fly along this route, including Philippine Airlines, Qantas, and American Airlines. All flights are indirect and make one stop along the way, usually in major cities like Singapore, Brisbane, Hong Kong and Manila. These stops are typically efficient, with a layover time of one to three hours for the fastest overall durations. The fastest flights available are 20 to 23 hours long, and there are roughly six daily flights within this time frame, while the longest indirect flights are over 30 hours.

Public transportation, parking, and ride-shares in Los Angeles and Bali

Ride-sharing in the car-dependent city of Los Angeles is taking off, with Uber, Uber X and Lyft being the major players. Rides to the airport are plentiful, however passengers also have the option for long-term stay in the LAX parking lot, which has packages available for vacationers. There is limited public transit in the area, except for the shuttle bus run by LAX which transports passengers into the city for a fare.

Bali offers an array of car rental services to make up for the lack of public transit in the area, and most vacationers take taxis or rental cars to their hotels from the airport. However, once passengers are in the city, many tourist attractions are easily reached within walking distance.

Practical information

US passport holders going to Bali for vacations under 30 days do not need visas, but all passengers flying internationally require passports. Passports must have at least six months validity before their Bali flight. It is best to carry your passport around with you throughout your time in Bali as a form of identification.

Passengers hoping to rent a car must have an internationally valid driver's license in the Roman alphabet. Bali drivers drive on the left side of the road, with right-hand drive, which is the opposite to LA and something American drivers must be aware of when making the transition to driving in Bali.

Top travel tips

Bali's dry season is similar to LA's climate: warm, tropical, sunny, and humid. The dry season lasts from April to September. Passengers looking to fly outside of that time frame need to be aware that it is Bali's rainy season, and from October to March there is less chance for clear days or oceans, as rainy season intervenes with underwater activities, too.

There are a few little changes US passengers will need to make to adjust to Bali life, including changing currency to the Indonesian Rupiah. 1 USD is equal to 14, 001 IDR as of September 2019. Although free Wi-Fi is becoming more prevalent around the island, passengers will want to purchase a SIM Card upon arrival to make communications easier with loved ones back home. Additionally passengers will need to purchase an adaptor for electronic devices as Bali uses the two-pronged plugs seen in much of Europe. Hotels may offer this for free, but it is best to bring these with you just in case.

What to see in Bali

The regions of Bali are each distinct and have much to offer, but one gem that often goes overlooked is Amed Beach. The black salt beach offers snorkelling and scuba diving along its coastline, the latter of which allows swimmers to see a Japanese shipwreck from WW2. There is stunning fish, coral and even sea turtles to be seen in these blue waters, so if this one isn't on your itinerary, you may want to squeeze it in!

Temples are a mainstay of Bali tourism, but when you see Tanah Lot temple, you will understand why. Travelling is all about learning how people around the world live, so bask in the wonder of this off-island temple and learn about the island's fascinating faith and cultural traditions on this beautiful corner of Bali.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a US$ 4.99 booking fee.

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