Fly with Philippine Airlines

Fly with Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines is the flag-carrier airline of one of South East Asia's most popular and beautiful tourism destinations, the Philippines. Established in 1941, Philippine Airlines is headquartered in Pasay City in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and has its hub at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. Philippine Airlines has an extensive domestic and international network of flight routes, including 31 Philippines destinations and 54 international destinations across nearby regions of Asia, and cities in Australia, North America and Europe.

With its fleet of 72 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, Philippine Airlines is a popular airline and flies upwards of 5 million passengers annually. Considered a safe airline worldwide, the airline has a frequent flyer program entitled Mabuhay Miles, which allows its passengers to earn and redeem miles for Philippines Airlines flights as well as associated car rentals, hotel stays and more. Passengers can be of Classic, Elite, Premier Elite, and Million Miler member status.

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Philippine Airlines Travel Experience

Philippines Airlines flights offer comfortable seating, inflight entertainment, shopping and meals. Each seat features a personal screen where passengers can view the latest movies, TV shows, kids channels and more. There is high-speed WiFi available for purchase and even in-flight roaming for certain data plans. Meals available on long-haul flights include local and international fusion cuisine, with options for those with special dietary requirements. Those flying the popular London to Manila route can enjoy time at the Club Astaire Lounge, for which passengers without Elite, Premier Elite, or Million Miler member status can purchase access.

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Philippine Airlines Check-in & Baggage

Check in is available online from a mobile or computer device, and is a great way to save time at the airport. You can check in 24 hours to 75 minutes before your scheduled international departure and 24 hours to 1 hour before your domestic departure. Philippines Airlines recommends passengers check in their bags at the airport's baggage drop no later than 45 minutes before domestic flights and 1 hour before international flights. It is a good idea to be at the airport 1.5 to 2 hours prior to international flight departure.

Baggage Information

Allowed Luggage per cabin in Philippine Airlines

Business Class

Business Class passengers aboard international Philippines Airlines flights can check 2 pieces of luggage each weighing up to 32 kg/ 70 lbs. Domestic flights allow Business Value fare type passengers 30 kg/ 66 lbs of checked luggage, and Business Flex passengers are permitted 35 kg/ 77 lbs. Passengers are also allowed 1 piece of carry-on luggage weighing no more than 7 kg and 1 personal item such as a handbag.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy Class passengers can take 2 pieces of checked luggage each weighing up to 23 kg/ 50 lbs on international flights. Domestic flights allow 25 kg/ 55 lbs of checked luggage. Passengers are also allowed 1 piece of carry-on luggage weighing no more than 7 kg and 1 personal item such as a handbag.

Economy Class

Economy Class passengers can check 2 pieces of luggage each weighing no more than 23 kg/ 50 lbs on international flights. This includes Economy Class passengers with Supersaver, Saver, Value, and Flex fare types. Domestic flight passengers with Supersaver fare tickets can take no checked luggage free of charge, while Saver fare tickets allow 10 kg/ 22 lbs, and Value/ Flex fare tickets allow 20 kg/ 44 lbs of checked luggage. Passengers can also carry on 1 piece of luggage weighing no more than 7 kg and 1 personal item such as a handbag.

Allowed Luggage Size Dimensions

Combined checked luggage dimensions (length + width + height) should not exceed 158 cm/ 62.2 in. The dimensions of any luggage carried onto or checked into the flight should not exceed 115 cm/ 45 in. Carry-on luggage must be within the dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23 cm/ 22 x 14 x 9 in.

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Additional Information

Excess baggage aboard Philippines Airlines incurs a fee. Extra baggage can be purchased online before flying at affordable rates. Check out Philippine Airlines website for their excess baggage rules. Checked luggage in any cabin class cannot exceed 32 kg. On board most Philippine Airlines flights, infants under the age of 2 not occupying a seat are allowed 1 additional piece of checked baggage and 1 piece of carry-on luggage. Checked luggage can weigh up to 7 or 10 kg/ 15 or 22 lbs depending on the arrival destination, and carry-on luggage cannot exceed 7 kg/ 15 lbs. "

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