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City Breaks to Vienna

Oh Vienna! as Ultravox proclaimed back in the 1980s. And there really is an air of delight and wonder when you visit this small capital. Its size makes it ideal for city breaks Vienna based, whether you are staying one night or taking that bit longer to see all the sights.

And what sights there are for city breaks Vienna style – from Baroque architecture to museums filled with historical artefacts, from art nouveau masterpieces to medieval frescoes. No wonder plenty of travellers make sure they take a city break Vienna inspired to get a real feel for the past and for what the future holds.

The types of city breaks Vienna offers

For a perfect city break, Vienna is a destination worth considering. There is so much to do and see, you will wonder why you have not visited before. For festival-based city breaks Vienna has the vibrancy and colour to put on a really good show. If you choose to take your city break in May, go to the Wiener Festwochen, a festival full of plays, opera and performing arts.

For music lovers on city breaks, Vienna Music Festival in May is a must, as is the Fruhlingsfestival, starting the second week in April for a month.

If you fancy a shopping-based city break, Vienna can accommodate your every retail need from glittering chandeliers to more modest yet still pretty chocolates and cakes. Many shops will ship items home for you. But even if you do not have much money to spend, take time to browse through the stalls and hangers. Unlike many other cities, you will not be hurried along or frowned upon for ‘just looking’, in fact you will be welcomed.

For classical music city breaks, Vienna is top notch as it is home to so many of the most famous and well renowned composers that have ever lived, from Beethoven to Brahms.

The art of the coffee house

During your city break in Vienna, you must visit one of the many coffee houses that you will come across on your walks around the streets. These are not like international chains that can feel impersonal but are beautiful buildings, each with their own individual character.

The oldest one, Frauenhuber, is where Mozart once performed, so you can see the culture of the coffee house in Vienna has been around for centuries. It is a place to linger, chat with friends, maybe sample a cake or two, or indulge in a game of bridge.
Your waiter will wear a tuxedo, and if you order a kaisermelange, do not look surprised when it comes with an egg yolk and glass of brandy!

For that unique city break, Vienna has to be given a chance to show off its best bits. There are only the best bits available when you book a flight through BudgetAir Canada as the travel agency seek out the bargain deals so you pay the lowest price possible. Decide which type of city break Vienna can offer you and then book your flights through BudgetAir Canada – easy peasy!

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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