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City breaks Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is teaming with sights, sounds and entertaining things to do that you will have to take many city breaks Bangkok has to fit everything in. From strolling around serene temples to enjoying the rush of a great shopping trip, the city breaks Bangkok offers are so wide ranging. This is why so many flights arrive every day to accommodate all the eager tourists.

A place of variety

When finding out about city breaks Bangkok style, look out for the historic architecture or sandy beaches just south of the city or even take time to indulge in a cookery course which normally involves a trip round one of the local markets as well. It is the perfect opportunity to immerse your senses in the four basic flavours of Thai cooking – spicy, salty, sour and sweet. It is also a great way to take one of the city breaks Bangkok has and get to know the city better.


One of the most stylish ways of getting around on your city breaks Bangkok is to take the Skytrain. You can feel rather smug as you glide over the punishing traffic jams below while you take in the view on the elevated rail network during one of your city breaks Bangkok supplies.


If one of your plans while taking the city breaks Bangkok has is to acquire a souvenir that will last longer than a fake Rolex, consider taking home from your city breaks Bangkok a piece of artwork. You never know, you might pick something up for peanuts and it turns out to be worth its weight in gold in a few years time.

If you are looking for city breaks Bangkok has so many to offer where you can indulge yourself for a week, never doing the same thing twice, or staying just a couple of days and blitzing the best sights.

Cuisine in Bangkok

Do not however forget to relish some street food along the way during your city breaks Bangkok style. Spring rolls, phat thai, grilled fish and chicken are all cooked in front of you. You might get Bangkok belly but that is more likely to be due to too many beers or a Western intolerance of chillies than a plate of rice. A bowl of jonk, or rice porridge, can temper that as well as being a good cure for a hangover.

Do something different

Do not be afraid to try new things in this welcoming country. Your city breaks Bangkok should be full of fun and learning new experiences so get stuck in – the adventurous among you can even learn how to train in muay thai (Thai boxing).

The city breaks Bangkok can supply you with will last in your memory forever. Just do not blow it by paying an arm and a leg for the flights there. If you fly with BudgetAir Canada, you will not have to because we offer some of the cheapest deals around. Even if you take many of the city breaks Bangkok has, you will still be delighted you travelled with BudgetAir Canada.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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