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City Breaks to Lanzarote

Despite having 150 miles of coastline, Lanzarote only has 20 miles of sandy beaches. But most visitors visiting the island want more than just lying on a beach, they want action and the city breaks to Lanzarote provides that.

There are so many activities to enjoy from hiking the lunar landscape to surfing and kite boarding in the waves. Whatever you please, you are sure to find something you enjoy on one of the city breaks to Lanzarote. It is the reason why so many people flock here all year round.


For golfing, a city break to Lanzarote is ideal with its balmy weather and laid back feel. It is also great because while not many people think of taking a golfing,Lanzarote can offer a small yet well formed package with a limited number of golf courses, some with spectacular ocean views and top class amenities.


For foodies, city breaks to Lanzarote prove to be surprisingly nourishing. The food mainly consists of a healthy Mediterranean diet of fish, meat, rice, vegetables, potatoes and tropical fruit.

On your city break to Lanzarote make sure to try a bienmesabes, a honey-covered pastry which translates as ‘tastes good to me’, or something from the restaurant situated in the National Park where the food is cooked using heat from the surrounding volcanoes. Now that is an experience you do not want to miss.


Lanzarote offers a mix from bonfire night celebrations in June and week long partying on August 25th for Saint’s Day, to the Music Marathon Festival in October in Puerto del Carmen where even tiny children can join in, toddling for half a mile along the route.


Visit the many vineyards dotted around the island if you fancy a wine-tasting. If you are used to taking a wine tour city break, Lanzarote has a surprise for you because the vineyards are not like those typically seen in France with lush green vines.

The wine-tasting city breaks to Lanzarote, especially in La Geria, consist of vines grown in craters full of dark earth and surrounded by volcanic stone semi circles called zocos. The locals discovered that the fertile soil is ideal for growing grapes, particularly for malvasia sweet wine, known as ‘the nectar of the gods’ in Shakespeare’s time. Various tours take you around the vineyards and you can try some wines at the end.

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Lanzarote offers all sorts of opportunities to try activities you might never have thought of before! To make your city break to Lanzarote even more special, book your flights through BudgetAir Canada as they can offer you the lowest prices all year round.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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