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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

City breaks in Kuala Lumpur

If you want to join the ranks of the many travellers who are discovering Malaysia, then now is the time to hop on board and go a city break to Kuala Lumpur. Not only do the city breaks to Kuala Lumpur offer a variety of experiences within the city boundaries, these city breaks to Kuala Lumpur can take you even further out into the environs of the city.

Here you will find other delights that will widen your horizons and expand your knowledge of this very special part of the world. From friendly locals to exotic food, your city break to Kuala Lumpur will be an experience you will never forget.


Kuala Lumpur is the perfect place with many opportunities to partake in sport including tennis, swimming and walking tours for activity-led city break. If you want to relax on a spa-based city break, Kuala Lumpur is your city. Not only do the top-end hotels have their own spas but there are plenty of massage and reflexology parlours throughout the city to indulge yourself in a relaxing city break Kuala Lumpur.


Kuala Lumpur has plenty to offer if you are accompanied by children during your city break. The Zoo Negara, about 13km out of the city, has a wide variety of Malaysian and Asian animals, and the Lake Gardens within the city have Bird, Butterfly and Deer parks, as well as, a planetarium. These sights are sure to please children on city breaks to Kuala Lumpur.

Festivals and art

For festival based city breaks, Kuala Lumpur has a full calendar all year round. Witness BASE jumpers legally flinging themselves off the Menara KL at the Kuala Lumpur International Tower Jump in March.For less heart-stopping entertainment on your city break, Kuala Lumpur hosts the Malaysia Fest in September for two weeks of traditional arts and cultural performances at different venues throughout the capital.

Customs and etiquette

Being a mainly Islamic country means the majority of Malaysians are conservative, though local customs are fairly easy to understand. It is considered rude to point at a person or object, instead use your thumb or whole hand.

If you are lucky enough to be invited into a local’s home, do take your shoes off before entering and do not touch anyone or any food with your left hand. Public displays of affection are frowned upon and make sure you dress accordingly, covering your arms and legs especially when in rural areas and in religious places. In some remoter areas, non-Muslim women may not be allowed to enter mosques without covering their hair and body.

Go to Kuala Lumpur

City breaks to Kuala Lumpur will provide you with a great experience. There are plenty of opportunities and a real bargain if you book flights through BudgetAir Canada. So take the plunge and go one of the many city breaks to Kuala Lumpur for a really amazing time.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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