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City breaks in Venice

Enter into the magical world of Venice and you will be loathed to leave at the end of the city break Venice has given you. It is a place of wonder, narrow alleyways, and watery streets teaming with history that are just waiting to be explored. On your city break Venice will come alive for you and reveal its mysteries.

It is also the place where artists, musicians and royalty have flocked to for centuries, and you can see the influences of all these during the city breaks Venice offers. So join the heralded visitors from the past to enjoy the often ethereal light that cloaks the city, and maybe enjoy a pizza or two!

The different city breaks Venice offers

There is such a variety of city breaks Venice offers that you might have to come back again and again to try the next city break Venice has that is on your list. For foodie city breaks Venice can give you delightful restaurants, delectable flavours, and a chilled-out ambience.

The food of Venice and surrounding areas is very much influenced by the varied landscape of the sea, agricultural land and mountainous regions. Hence fresh fish, thinly sliced raw beef and purple artichokes are local delicacies. The region also claims the traditional Italian dessert – tiramisu, meaning ‘pick me up’ – as their own.

If you fancy a shopping-based city break, Venice will comply with your wishes. The narrow pedestrianised streets with beautifully dressed shop windows all add to the shopping experience. Popular items to take home to remember your city breaks Venice style by are carnival masks, Murano glass which has been made on Murano island since the 13th century, and marbled paper with each sheet being unique.

The festivals of Venice

If you want one of the festival-based city breaks, Venice delivers on all counts. The pre-Lent Carnevale leading up to Shrove Tuesday is the most popular. It was started in the 11th century, tailed off during the 18th century and was then revived in 1979 to become a mask-wearing, partying extravaganza of ten days.

Other festivals to enjoy during city breaks Venice style are the Feast of St Mark on April 25, marked by a gondola race and where Venetian men are meant to give a red rose to their wives or lovers, and the Biennale, the world’s largest contemporary art festival taking place on odd-numbered years.

For film buffs on city breaks, Venice Film Festival should be a draw as it attracts premières as well as film stars to the Lido in the late summer.

For romantic city breaks, Venice cannot be beaten. Imagine taking a gondola down the canal on a warm summers evening whilst sipping champagne – no other city break in the world offers this so book a city break Venice style now.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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