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City breaks in Cairo

The capital of Egypt might be raring to go 24/7, but Cairo also has some quieter reflective places where calmness and serenity reign, like the cool interior of a church or the peacefulness in the corner of a park. The quiet city breaks Cairo offers are few and far between but they can be found.

If you want bustling and busy city breaks, Cairo can ofer this too. With a population of over 17 million and visitors dropping in all the time, there is always something going on, so be part of the action and get over there.

The ultimate in Cairo city breaks

There is no doubt about it – most people who come on a city break are bound for the Pyramids of Giza. These endlessly fascinating constructions have created myths and legends around them as well as giving us an insight into how ancient Egyptians lived and how they respected the dead.

The sheer size of the pyramids strikes you first on your city break in Cairo. Then you realise the enormity of how, 4,000 years ago, men were able to build such structures that aligned so expertly to true north and where internal shafts lined up perfectly to constellations in the sky.

The pyramids – there are three of them – are one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, and the famed Sphinx, minus its nose and beard, is nearby. Not surprisingly, whenever you go on a city break to Cairo, it has to include a visit to the pyramids. The pyramids will however be busy. If you can accept and understand that that is the way it is, you can turn your mind to enjoying one of the best spectacles on the planet.

More of the city breaks Cairo has

If you fancy a belly dancing, city break Cairo is the place to go as it is where belly dancing was invented. You can either pay a high price to watch the best of the best at the five star hotels or take a belly dancing lesson, something to entertain your family and friends with when you get home.

For ancient architecture-based city breaks, Cairo has got to be one of the top places to visit. There is Egypt’s oldest mosque, the Mosque of Amr built in 640AD, decorative domes and minarets, grand fountains, and mausoleums with intricate marble work. Synagogues and churches also add to the glory that is Cairo, as well as 19th century palaces and resplendent tree-lined avenues.

Whether it is the Pyramids you want to see, the Nile, or are interested in Egyptology, the city breaks Cairo has can provide you with all you need. To make your city break Cairo bound even sweeter, use BudgetAir for your flights.

BudgetAir can provide you with the best deals on the web, starting with the lowest prices possible for flights and also getting good deals on accommodation. It is a no brainer really so make good use of BudgetAir and enjoy the city breaks Cairo offers you.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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