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City breaks Shanghai

It was during the boom time of the 1920s and 1930s when Shanghai really came into its own with many different nationalities staking their claim in one way or another. The French, Japanese, Italian and Germans all flocked to this area of China back then, and their influences are still present throughout the city.

Many of the art deco buildings have survived as well as leafy parks and the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts built in the 1930s. While this is perfect for those on a city break Shanghai also has plenty to offer the casual visitor who comes for just a day or two.

The city activities Shanghai offers for children

If travelling with children, city activities in Shanghai are amoung the best in China, if not the best. This is because most of the paraphernalia that accompanies having children can be found and bought in this modern city.

Do not be alarmed that while on your city break in Shanghai if locals scoop up your little one for a hug. Children, especially blond, blue-eyed ones, are much admired and requests for photos will be frequent.

Some of the places to take your children on a city break in Shanghai include Changfeng Ocean World with a shark tunnel, the Jinjiang Amusement Park with roller coasters and Ferris wheel, and Dino Beach with wave pool and water slides. However, others will have the same idea for certain city activities in Shanghai as the city gets very crowded at weekends.

Another idea whilst on your city break in Shanghai is the Zoo which is a must with children so you can all go, ‘ahh’ at the cuddly giant pandas, be amazed at the height of the giraffes, and steer clear of the camels just in case they spit!

Other city break Shanghai offers

A city break in Shanghai means plenty of activities, but you need go no further than the Huangpu River. A trip down this great waterway will give you sights of differing water craft, bridges, and fantastic views of The Bund and the world’s largest port.

For a complete city break, Shanghai Museum must be visited as it is the most comprehensive museum in the country. It is worth spending a day of your city break Shanghai style in this impressive building as it takes you through three millennia of Chinese history.

For cultural city breaks, Shanghai is renowned for showcasing many different art forms from opera to the famous Chinese State Circus. Treat yourself to a performance of either, and you will never forget what a wonderful time you had, whether that was taking in the fantastic costumes or watching acrobats perform amazing feats of strength and agility.

To enjoy one of the many city breaks Shanghai has to offer, first you want to make sure you arrive in style. Choose BudgetAir Canada for your flights. This will make your city break Shanghai style even more appealing because of the money you can save with BudgetAir. Once your flight is sorted you can sit back and relax, knowing your city break Shanghai style will be a breeze.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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