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City Breaks to Sao Paulo

Surprisingly for a city near the coast, Sao Paulo does not have its own beach. You have to catch a flight to the coast and head for Santa Catarina and the island of the same name. No matter though as the type of city breaks Sao Paulo offers are enough to fill your holiday with excitement and diversity.

The same is true of any city bursting with life. There is so much going on that any city break Sao Paulo has will be appreciated. That is why so many visitors come here every year from all over the world to enjoy the pace of life, the night time fun, and the welcoming people.

Some of the city breaks Sao Paulo offers the visitor

Even if you are just visiting for a few days, a city break in Sao Paulo will blow your mind. It is a city that never sleeps, teaming with a cosmopolitan mix of cultures and round-the-clock activities.

The old heart of the city is Praca da Se, which translates as Cathedral Square. The interior of the domed cathedral is worth a look, as is the Igreja do Carmo from the 1630s which still retains its original high altar.

A Sao Paulo city break that is worth its salt will take in the majestic Theatro Municipal, with the very ornamental exterior and marble and gold interior. If you take a guided tour in Sao Paulo, its classical musical heritage will open up to you.

But it is for live music and nightlife that many people go on city breaks Sao Paulo style. Clubs do not really get going until 1am and are still pumping out the beats at 5am. At least you can look forward to a lie-in the following morning.

The city breaks Sao Paulo has for children

Your children are likely to get more out of a city break in Sao Paulo than you are, as Brazilians are a welcoming bunch especially towards children. Wherever you go on your city break, the people of Sao Paulo will take the time to smile or pass the time of day with you and your family.

For animal based city breaks, Sao Paulo has enough to please children. There is the Jardim Zoologico, the country’s largest zoo spread over 900 acres and offering up over 3,000 species, as well as the nearby Jardim Botanico, with exotic orchids and an aromatic herb garden.

For a snake based city break, Sao Paulo has the Instituto Butantan where its research into bio medics is of utmost importance. However, most visitors go there to see the venom farm where over 54,000 snakes are milked for their poison. This is then used to recreate antidotes for snake and spider bites.

Booking your Sao Paulo city break

Enjoying a city break Sao Paulo style can offer wonderful new experiences and different tastes. Your city break can be even more enjoyable when you combine it with booking flights through BudgetAir Canada as they offer great deals all year round.

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding a C$ 9.99 booking fee.

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