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Celebrate King's Day in the Netherlands

King's Day is one of the biggest celebrations in the Netherlands. For decades this holiday was know as Queen's Day, until five years ago when Willem-Alexander became king. On April 27, the entire country dresses up in orange and hits the streets to celebrate the birthday of the King!

When is it celebrated?

Originally, Princess’ Day was celebrated on Wilhelmina’s birthday, August 31, when she was a princess. When she became queen, it was changed to Queen’s Day. Juliana, the next queen, celebrated it also on her own birthday, April 30. Her daughter, Beatrix, decided to keep Queen's Day on the same day. The current king, Willem Alexander was born on April 27 and this became the official King’s Day since 2014.

What's happening?

On King’s Day there are celebrations throughout the Netherlands. It is celebrated with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs. Every year, the Royal family visits a Dutch city and enjoys old Dutch traditions. Flea markets are held everywhere. Lots of music concerts and festivals are being organized. In some cities, the festivities even start the night before King’s Day, during King's Night.

What are you wearing?

On King's Day the dresscode is orange. Whatever you can think of wearing, make sure it is orange; an orange wig, orange pants, orange blouse, shirt, shoes, sunglasses, watches, etc. Why do Dutch people dress up in orange clothing during King's Day? It is the national color of The Netherlands. The Dutch royal family bears the name: House of Oranje-Nassau. This literally means: House of Orange.

What else should you do when visiting the Netherlands?

The tulips are here!

Tulips and windmills are images that have become synonymous with the Netherlands. Plan a trip to the countryside, the Keukenhof, and experience the beauty of this iconic Dutch flower.

Ride a bike

What better way to feel like a local in the Netherlands than to cycle through the city! Ride through the beautiful Vondelpark in Amsterdam, through the Jordaan, or cycle along the canals.

Visit the cheese market

Check out the iconic Dutch wooden clogs and the world’s best cheese markets. Taste Dutch cheese and plan a visit to one of the Dutch cheese markets. Alkmaar and Gouda are quite famous.

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