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ANA introduces A321neo*

*First ANA domestic flight to have personal seat monitor

ANA's A321neo has eight seats in Premium Class and 186 in Economy Class. Premium Class features power-adjustable seats, while all seats in both classes have personal seat monitors, which is the first for ANA to have on its Japan domestic flights. "ANA Wi-Fi Service" is also available.

First Class

A luxurious experience from journey's start to journey's end

  • Seat Width:  32.9 inch when seat set as full flat
  • Seat Length: 78 inch when seat set as full flat
  • Reclining: Full Flat Seat (180 degree)
  • Personal TV monitor: 23-inch Touch-panel LCD wide screen
  • Number of Seats: 8
  • Simple, yet elegant décor creates calm and personal space

Business Class

Time and space are all yours in the skies

  • Seat Width: 19 inch
  • Seat Pitch: 44 inch
  • Reclining: Full Flat Seat (180 degree)
  • Personal TV monitor: 17-inch LCD wide screen
  • Number of Seat: 52
  • Aisle access from every seat to ensure privacy

Premium Economy Class

Enjoy extra space and comfort

  • Seat Width: 19 inch
  • Seat Pitch: 38 inch
  • Seat Configuration: 2-4-2
  • Personal TV monitor: 12-inch Touch-panel wide screen
  • Number of Seat: 24
  • Upgraded Economy class offers seat pitch, which is 4-inch wider than regular Economy class

Economy Class

Comfort and convenience in the skies for everyone

  • Seat Width: 18 inch
  • Seat Pitch: 34 inch
  • Seat Style: “Fixed Back Shell” Seat
  • Personal TV monitor: 10.6-inch screen
  • Number of Seat: 166
  • Fixed-Back Shell seats are designed to prevent disturbing passengers behind when reclined

ANA Lounges

Seek total relaxation before your flight. We offer the height of luxury and comfort to our esteemed guests. Choose from carefully selected meals and drinks to suit your needs. Enjoy our massage chairs or take a hot shower before or after your flight. Free WiFi so you can stay connected.

ANA Mileage Club

Earn miles quickly with ANA's frequent flyer program. Earn miles with ANA and a selection of airline carriers from Star Alliance and other partners. Exchange your miles for flight tickets, coupons for parking, hotel dining, etc.

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