Do's and Don'ts in the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Etiquette Tips

United Arab Emirates Do's

DO: Dress Conservatively. It is best to wear pants and make sure to cover your shoulders.
DO: Make the most of tourist facilities. There are many things to do in and around the cities of the United Arab Emirates.
DO: Take time to understand Islam and the culture.
DO: Sleep in! Very little is open before 10am.
DO: Explore the quieter regions. There is more to see than the main cities. Rent a car and explore the lesser known parts of the UAE.

United Arab Emirates Don'ts

DON’T: Show public drunkenness. The locals find it disrespectful and you can go to jail for it.
DON’T: Expect polished glamour at every corner.
DON’T: Stress about taking a taxi. They are part of the 'public transport' and are relatively cheap compared to other big cities around the world.
DON’T: Do or bring drugs of any kind in the UAE. It would also be wise to check if the prescription drug you have is allowed in the country.
DON’T: Show too much public displays of affection. Holding hands is acceptable, but hugging and kissing in public is not allowed.

Keep in mind the above Do's and Don'ts when traveling to the United Arab Emirates. Be particularly aware of the importance on planning and punctuality. Have a safe and wonderful trip to the United Arab Emirates!

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