Fly with Saudia

Fly with Saudia

Also known as Saudia, Saudi Arabian Airlines has its base in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and is the country’s national airline carrier. Saudia began in 1945 after then US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, gifted King Abdul Aziz with a Douglas DC-3 airliner. The government then purchased two more DC-3s and established Saudia as the nation’s carrier in September of 1945, giving the Trans World Airlines a management contract to run the airline.

Today, Saudi Arabian Airlines boasts of 142 aircraft, which includes some of the latest aircraft technology. The airline’s fleet comprises 93 and 49 airbus and Boeing aircraft respectively. Saudia is the third largest airline in the Middle East, flying about 34 million passengers annually, to over 95 global destinations.

Although Saudi Arabian Airlines operate on a daily, the airline is particularly popular in the Ramadhan and Hajj months. This is so much so that the airline was crowned the Best Hajj Airline and the Best Umran Airline. Saudi also has several other awards and recognitions. Some of the more notable ones include Best First Class Amenity Kit and Best Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity launch by an Airline. Pax International presented both awards in 2019.

Saudia has been a member of the SkyTeam alliance since 2012 and is also part of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

Saudia Travel Experience

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers four classes of travel; Saudia first suite, first-class, Business Class, and guest class. Through Saudia Catering, the airline’s catering service aims to offer quality food to its passengers on all flight classes. The airline also provides inflight entertainment systems that contain vast Islamic content.

Passengers on board the Airbus 330 and Airbus 320 also get to enjoy WiFi entertainment by downloading the Saudia SkyFi app.

Saudia First Suite

The unique selection of travel amenities available on the Saudia First Suite will make the flight comfortable and memorable. The passenger gets to enjoy a completely-enclosed private suite that comes with 82’’ long chairs and 23’’ wide screens, and gets to choose from the 4-course menu or dine on demand, thanks to the onboard chef. Furla and Porsche designs also provide a variety of amenities to passengers in the suites.

Saudia First Class

From the moment a passenger boards the plane, they will realize that Saudia's First Class offers exceptional flight. The selection of fresh fruit juices, followed by the Arabic coffee after take-off, is bound to make the traveler feel welcome. They get to enjoy comfortable reclining seats that come with adjustable headrests and monitors for entertainment. The cuisine comprises of assorted hors d’oeuvres, soup, hot and cold desserts, among other items.

Saudia Business Class

Just like the passengers in first class,Saudia's Business Class travelers also get to enjoy fresh juice and coffee upon boarding the aircraft. The cabin features fully-adjustable electric seats that can convert into a long one to make a full flatbed. All seats have monitors that give the passengers full control and access to entertainment. Passengers in the Business Class also get to enjoy international cuisine from the airline’s catering service. For long overnight flights, passengers receive personal care kits with all the essentials.

Saudia Guest Class

The seats on Saudia's Guest Class are quite comfortable and feature pitches of up to 34 inches. All seats come with automatic seat adaptation to body movement, as well as an entertainment system with up to 24 stations. Passengers get to choose their cuisine from Arabic and Western dishes, as well as a meal from the destination country. There are a variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from as well. Saudi Arabian Airlines provides overnight kits to all its passengers, while children under 12years receive books and games to keep them occupied all through the flight.

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Saudia Check-in & Baggage

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers web check-in for all domestic flights and a few selected international flights. To use the service, the passenger must have a valid eTicket and check-in any time between 48 hours and one hour to the departure time.

Passengers are advised to check-in online at least one hour before the departure time. They can also cancel their online check-in within this time. Web check-in is not available for passengers with special requests such as wheelchairs, unaccompanied children, extra seats, among others.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Baggage Information

Allowed Luggage per cabin in Saudia

First Class

  • Checked luggage x 2pc (up to 32 kg each)
  • Carry-on luggage x 1 pc (up to 9 kg)

Business Class

  • Checked luggage x 2pc (up to 32 kg each)
  • Carry-on luggage x 1 pc (up to 9 kg)

Economy Class

  • Checked luggage x 4pc (up to 23 kg each)
  • Carry-on luggage x 1 pc (up to 7 kg)

Visit Saudia's check-in procedure and baggage restrictions for more information.

Allowed Luggage Size Dimensions

The standard dimensions for all pieces of luggage, including sports equipment and musical instruments, should not exceed 62 in or 158 cm for domestic flights. If these dimensions are exceeded, an extra fee will be charged based on the dimensions of the luggage and the route taken.

Additional Information

Infants from 8 days to 23 months must sit on the lap of an adult for the duration of the flight while the seatbelt sign is on. For these instances, a discount of up to 90% of the applicable fare is offered.

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