Fly with Frontier Airlines

Fly with Frontier Airlines

The Affordable Airline for Everyone

The Denver-based Frontier Airlines was formed in 1994. Within a matter of months of being in operation, it was flying its first scheduled flights to only four destinations. By 1999, the company added two Airbus aircraft and a Boeing 737 to its fleet and by the end of the same year, flights were being flown all over the United States. In 2006, the whole company went under a revamp, and as part of this restructuring within the company, the Frontier Airline holding company was developed and introduced. A year later, the airline become appointed as the official carrier for the United States Department of Transportation.

By 2010, the company had gone through multiple changes. However, it was felt within the company that by restructuring the management team, the airline could hold a stronger position within the field as an ultra-low-cost carrier. In October 2013, Frontier Airlines was sold to Indigo Partners for $145 million in the hopes that this would help reach its ultimate goal of being a low-cost airline. Today, it travels to over 55 destinations, and has won two awards based on its maintenance and economically friendly approach to flying. With a fleet of 69 aircraft, its main aim is to provide comfortable and affordable travel options to suit everyone's budget. From its hub in Denver, Frontier flies to almost 50 gateways in the US, plus 2 in Canada, and 8 more in Mexico.

Flying with Frontier Airlines

As a budget airline company, Frontier does not offer seating classes such as Economy or Business Class. However, they do supply seats with extra leg room for passengers who wish to pay a little more for the pleasure. Families can avail of the airlines 'Kids Zone' seats, by which the family is seated in seats together and near amenities on board such as a changing table. Families with young children will get priority when boarding, making it more relaxed and less stressful for parents. Pets, such as dogs and cats, are welcome in the cabin on Frontier flights. However, there will be a charge and paperwork to be carried out for this process. The frequent-flyer program Early Returns works as a point-based mileage benefit. Within this, they offer the Frontier Elite program, which sees passengers who have earned over 20,000 within a year automatically be assigned the Elite status, which will award various perks such as complimentary carry-on luggage, seat assignment, or priority boarding. The airline also offers customers a Frontier Mastercard, which awards users 40,000 mileage points within 90 days of booking flights over a certain cost.

Useful Information

When checking-in with Frontier Airlines, you can choose to complete it online or simply arrive at the airport. Check-in with the airline is recommended at least 45 minutes before departure for Domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights (Mexico, Dominican Republic). Carry-on baggage must be 16 kg or under and checked baggage cannot weigh any more than 23 kg however if a passenger needs to purchase more baggage, then it is recommended by the airline to purchase online if possible as it saves money.

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