Avianca Baggage Allowance

Avianca Check-in

Avianca customers have a number of options for checking-in, including web check-in, mobile check in and airport kiosks. Prior to check-in, please ensure that your baggage does not contain any prohibited items to avoid delays and ensure you have your travel documents close at hand.

Avianca Baggage Information

Avianca Allowed Check-in and Carry-on Luggage Size Dimension

Avianca Checked Luggage

The total size of each checked baggage (total H + W + L) should be less than 158 cm (62 in).
If the luggage exceeds 158 cm, additional charge fee will be applied.

Avianca Carry-on Luggage

For items that are stored in the overhead compartment of the plane, the sum of the three dimensions can not exceed 115cm and 22 pounds.
Personal items should be sized properly to fit under your seat.

Allowed Luggage per Avianca Cabin Class*

Business Class

  • Checked luggage x 2 pc (up to 70 lbs/32 kg each)
  • Carry-on luggage x 1 pc (up to 22 lbs/10 kg) + 1 personal article

Economy Class

  • Checked luggage x 1 pc (up to 50 lbs/23 kg)
  • Carry-on luggage x 1 pc (up to 22 lbs/10 kg) + 1 personal article

Extra Baggage Allowance for LifeMiles Elite Members*

Additional Information

Please note:

  • Some items are restricted from cabin luggage depending on the route/destination. When traveling from the United States and Canada, for security purposes, checked and locked baggage may be opened during security checks.

  • For flights departing from Bogotá, avoid sealing your baggage with plastic in order to facilitate security inspections by airport authorities and anti-drug dogs.

  • Check with customs forms to see if the food you want to transport should be declared. Failure to do so could get you fined by up to USD $1,000.

  • For further details on restricted carry-on items, oversize and overweight baggage, special baggage and service fees, flying between multiple airlines, please visit the airline baggage information page.

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