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Begin your flight search from the BudgetAir Homepage by filling in the required fields at the top of the page.

We also suggest you check our Deals area to see what deals may be available in the region where you are planning your trip.

You may change your city selections at anytime prior to hitting the "Search best deal" button.

You can also specify the "Cabin/Class" of service you prefer and/or request to view only flights and fares on your favorite airline by selecting the "more search options" button at the bottom left corner of the search area.

When you are ready to see our great fares hit the "Search best deal" button at the bottom of the search area. All available fares and flight information will appear on the "Results" page.

Yes! Our international air experts are here to help! If you need support completing a new booking or have an immediate need with an existing reservation, give us a call at 1.650.669.8047 There are no additional fees for this service.

BudgetAir "World Deals" are specially priced airfares we have negotiated directly with our airline partners. BudgetAir "World Deals" have limited space and may not be available for the specific dates and/or times of your search. Flexibility is the key to securing these great rates. To increase your chances in taking advantage of these special deals, check frequently, and act quickly when you find the deal that meets your travel needs.

  • World Deals can be viewed on the BudgetAir homepage just below the search box.

To take advantage of a "World Deal" you have found:

  • Read the associated information displayed with the deal taking note of any specific restrictions tied to dates or day of the week travel requirements.
  • Click on the "Check Availability" link associated with the deal of interest to you.
  • In the "find a flight" box, enter your desired dates of travel, number and type(s) of travelers, and enter the specific airline the deal is associated with. You can also leave the airline section blank to see comparative fares offered by other airlines.

Child, Infant, and Student fares can be booked on BudgetAir. However, unaccompanied minor (a child under the age of 17 traveling WITHOUT an accompanying adult 18 years or older), senior, companion, military and government fares are not offered through BudgetAir. It will be necessary for you to contact the airline directly for information and booking of unaccompanied minor, senior, companion, military or government discounted rates.

Our Customer Service Associates are here to help! If you need assistance completing your booking or have an immediate need with an existing reservation, give us a call at 1.650.669.8047

Our Customer Service Associates are available 24 Hrs/Day 7 Days/Week

  • Don't need an answer right away? Send an email to Sorry, we can't provide airfare quotes by email.

Airfares change throughout the day, based on demand for the flight and availability of the fares. Occasionally the fare change is the result of a technical issue.

BudgetAir makes every effort to have our fare displays be as current as possible. To ensure you get the fare and schedule you select, we encourage you to complete your purchase as soon as possible.

Please Note: Airline fares can NOT be guaranteed until the credit card submitted for payment has been verified, charged, and the ticket(s) issued. BudgetAir is not responsible for any fare increase as a result of delays in ticket issuance.

Advance Purchase:
Air tickets can be booked online up to 330 days in advance of departure. Reservations for flight departures beyond 330 days are restricted by the airlines.

Close-in Purchase:
Flights and tickets booked with BudgetAir cannot be completed less than four (4) days PRIOR to the scheduled date of departure.

You may book up to 6 travelers per reservation. If there are more than 6 travelers, you will need to make a second booking or call us at 1.650.669.8047 and speak with a BudgetAir Customer Care associate who will be happy to assist you with your request.

We do not provide for "Group Travel" bookings at this time.

You can select your preferred itinerary (Round Trip; One-Way; Multi City) within the flight search box at top of the BudgetAir home page.

In addition, you can select the specific "Cabin/Class" you would like pricing for as well as specify a "carrier preference".

Codeshare flights are flights operated by one airline on behalf of another airline. When applicable, these flights are referenced by identifying the name of the airline actually operating the flight. This information is displayed directly below the primary airline name and logo within each itinerary of the search results and also within the itinerary selected.

  • Airlines often codeshare on routes so they can offer customers service on all legs of their itinerary even if they do not actually fly their own aircraft on one or more flights in the itinerary.

Your pets may be able to travel with you on your flights. However, as rules, fares, and procedures regarding the transportation of animals in the passenger and cargo section of the aircraft vary from airline to airline BudgetAir cannot process air reservation requests for pets. Please contact the airline directly for assistance after you complete your booking. In most cases, if the carrier does accept a pet, there will be a charge for the animal.

Yes, you may make a reservation for someone else. Be sure to enter the name of the traveler when completing the booking

Yes. Your travel can originate anywhere in the world.

The redemption of accumulated Frequent Flyer miles in exchange for upgrades or free tickets must be handled directly by the airline for which the Frequent Flyer program applies. Please contact each airline directly for specific rules.

In most cases you will qualify for the accumulation of frequent flyer miles for your flights purchased through BudgetAir. Some special fares may be restricted, by the airline, from earning frequent flyer miles. To determine what booking class(es) apply to the itinerary you are interested in selecting, click on the "fare details" button directly under the itinerary. Under the "Detailed Fare Information" section, you will see flight details. On the far right of this section is a list of "fare basis codes". The first letter of each fare basis code represents the booking class for that flight segment. Please verify booking class eligibility directly with the airlines. Vayama is not responsible for fares purchased that might not receive full frequent flyer mileage credit.

  • If you already have a frequent flyer account established, remember to enter the information into your account profile. By doing so, your frequent flyer information will be automatically entered into your reservation whenever you book with that airline through our site.
  • If you did not have your frequent flyer information in your account at the time of booking please give us a call at 1.650.669.8047 or send an email to and we will enter your numbers into your record.

All prices, regardless of departure city, are quoted in USD (United States Dollars).

Due to changes in the airline industry BudgetAir no longer issues paper tickets. Only electronic tickets are issued.

Airline fares fluctuate up and down constantly. Once your airline tickets are purchased and issued, BudgetAir locks in the fare at that point and will not charge additionally if the fare should go up following purchase. Conversely, if the fare should go down following purchase BudgetAir will NOT provide a refund for the difference between the original fare paid and the lower fare found after ticket issuance.

Your full middle name is not required. A middle initial or no middle initial are both acceptable to the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) who monitors this data and sets the guidelines.

Airline systems enforce a maximum number of characters for the combined first, middle and last names. If your name exceeds the limit, your first name will be shortened automatically by our system. This will NOT affect your ability to board a flight.